Upcycling The Plastic

Upcycling The Plastic

Taking a rewind back to the times when recycling projects were given as school assignments and we as children used to put our heart and sweat out while coming up with new and innovative project ideas. And now we preserve each of those masterpieces in our homes as a reminisce of those artistic times.

What drove us to pursue the projects? Was it the obligation or the interest?

Plastic bottles and plastic waste are lying around in our homes and dumping in the bins, is the best solution we can think of to get rid of them. Now this reckless dumping has caused this plastic menace in our environment which is going to be there for thousands of years.

If we all could take some lessons and inspiration from our old school days, we could convert this menace into productive projects. We have long been hearing about three R’s of recycling which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But there is also upcycling plastic where we creatively reuse the plastic to transform it into new product for better environmental value. Some of the ways we can upcycle the plastic are:

  • Plastic Bottle Lighting: Making lamps out of plastic is the most common plastic makeover. Now this simple DIY light lamp has even changed many lives with project “Liter of Light” by providing 650,000 of these plastic lights in around 20 countries.
  • Plastic Bottle Plants: Repurpose the plastic bottle into vertical garden by stringing the bottles horizontally in a grid along an interior wall, which then filled up by substrate and herbs.
  • Plastic bottle Seals: Instead of sealing the plastic bag with knot or a clip, you can also use plastic bottles to create your own plastic seals. Take a plastic bottle cut out about 1 inch from the bottle cap. Then slide the opening of the bag through the opening of the bottle cap. Twist the cap to seal.
  • Charging Dock: Convert the lotion bottle into charging dock by cutting in between and creating a hole to hang the dock.
  • Plastic Bottle supply cups: Make plastic bottle cups to house pens and supplies at the office, or craft supplies at home. Take two bottle bottom halves and join with a chain to create your own supply containers

There are more than these ways to tackle the plastic but dumping them is not one of them. If we can’t avoid plastic, let’s tackle it artistically.

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