Top Tips for Packing when Moving House

Top Tips for Packing when Moving House

Relocation is a process in which many people dread, however it does not have to be this way – There are many tips available for those looking to move which can make moving house easy and stress-free. Packing up a house is where many people go wrong when moving house, when you don’t pack correctly you are left with a number of other things in which in turn go wrong . In line with this today we are going to be providing all with some expert packing tips…

What You’ll Need

  • Small packing boxes
  • Medium packing boxes
  • Large packing boxes
  • Heavy duty packing boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Old newspapers
  • Stretch wrap
  • Marker pens
  • Sticky labels

Top Packing Tips

  • Pack up your belongings well in advance. Packing always takes longer than anticipated so it pays to start early.
  • Start by packing the things that you are not going to need before you go, for example attic and garage spaces. Also you could pack seasonal items such as gardening equipment and Christmas decorations.
  • Pack one room at a time, this will allow you to be as organised as possible and ensure that nothing is neglected – it will also help the removals company that you choose when it comes to unloading at your new house.
  • Declutter as you go along, getting rid of things which you haven’t used in a long time and don’t plan on using. Consider selling some of your things to raise money to cover moving costs and more.
  • Make sure that your moving boxes don’t exceed a 30 pound limit (Per box). If your moving boxes are too heavy not only are they likely to break and tear through, but also those carrying them could face injuries.
  • All gaps in packing boxes should be filled with scrunched up newspaper so that things don’t bang around and end up getting broken.
  • Label all boxes clearly, not only stating which room they belong too, but also incorporating additional lists of what is in each box so that individual items can be easily found.
  • Make sure that when loading the van, heavier boxes go at the bottom, with lighter boxes on the top.
  • Properly wrap delicate and fragile items using bubble wrap and make sure that they are clearly marked ‘fragile’ so that handlers know to take extra special care.
  • Put together an essentials box containing things that you are likely going to need straight away upon arrival in your new house, this will stop you from getting stressed and having to rummage.

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