Tokyo, the best destination of Japan

Tokyo, the best destination of Japan

Japan, a country of contrasting cultures and pristine natural beauty will certainly include a tour of Tokyo if you are planning a trip there. Tokyo is not only famous for new innovation but it has some of the oldest monuments in Japan along with imperial palaces which are still standing high because of Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

The must-see locations during your Tokyo tour include:

  • The Asakusa Kannon temple
  • The Nakamise Market
  • Imperial Palace- previously called the Edo Palace
  • The Tokyo Tower- the old communication’s tower
  • Popular anime locations like Nakano Broadway, Anime center Tokyo
  • Akhibara- also called Otaku capital
  • Koishikawa Korakuen Garden- beautiful and oldest gardens of Tokyo
  • The Robot Restaurant
  • Odaiba- an island made by a man who has some of the greatest architectural buildings of the world.

Visit Tokyo for some of the renowned festivals of Japan on your Tokyo tours like Asakusa Sanja Matsuri, Kanda Matsuri, and other picturesque towns and locations during your tour. 1000 trees are present in Ueno Park to give the scenic beauty of Cherry blossoms along with that visit Ueno Zoo, the oldest zoo in Japan. The teenagers should certainly go to Harajuku, the most extreme spot of teenagers representing distinct fashions and trends.

In Tokyo, you can also visit the Toshogu Shrine which has the famous sculpture of “See no Evil, Hear no Evil and Speak no Evil” monkeys. Ginza is the place for women as it has every cosmetic and fashion brand’s product available there. You can avail a tour to any or all of these locations by planning a trip either individually or by contacting a tour company like all Japan tours who will arrange everything for you for the trip including hotels bookings, tour bookings, attractions bookings, meals for the day, travel booking s and arrangements and all other necessary arrangements needed for travel.

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