Things To Bring Back From a Dubai Vacation

Things To Bring Back From a Dubai Vacation

Dubai is the city of the future with its awe-inspiring architecture, infrastructure and amenities that make it a smart and spectacular city. With its wide variety of leisure and entertainment centres and no dearth of great places to eat and shop, it has risen to the top of everyone’s must-visit list. The city sees an annual inflow of about 15 million tourists and is widely known as the playground of the rich due to its decadently luxurious lifestyle. Home to the tallest building, man-made islands and a variety of other magnificent feats, the destination pulls visitors from all over the world. If you are visiting this magnificent city, then make sure you visit cheap flights from Mumbai to Dubai to book your tickets and experience the wonders of the city. As you make your way, back here are some things you absolutely must shop for there.

  • Gold

Arguably, the most famous and most beautiful souvenir from the fair city of Dubai. With intricate designs combining the best of traditional designs and modern artistry, they are the perfect reminder of your trip. Gold is more economical here than most places, and the exotic designs make it one of the best items to shop for. While there are shops all over the city, you can visit the Dubai Gold Souk which is a market dedicated to gold jewellery. Unlike most places where gold is a set price, make sure you exercise your bargaining skills to get the best price.

  • Camel Milk Chocolate

Delicious and truly a souvenir of the Middle East, camel milk chocolates are for all the food lovers who want to experience something unique. The chocolates by Al Nassma are a delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Very easy to carry and shaped like camels, they make a great gift. They come in five different varieties and make sure you try the one which is flavoured with spices grown in the Middle East. The chocolates were the monopoly of Dubai alone but are now exported to other regions as well. For a unique and quirky gift, look no further.

  • Dates

Dates are synonymous with the Middle East and are also the traditional welcome sweet that is offered. It occupies an important cultural significance as well especially during festivals where it is exchanged among people as gifts. With more than 20 varieties to choose from, the sweet experience is a must for anyone who wishes to explore a culture through food. Dates can be found anywhere in the city, and the locals can help you identify which one you should buy.

  • Oudhs and Attars

Another traditionally rich products that are unique to the regions are oudhs and attars. Oudhs are perfume oils, and attars are oils derived from plants. They are natural fragrances that will always remind you of your time in Dubai. The attars are alcohol-free and are very different from the bottled perfumes that are available in the market. You can even make your own fragrance by combining different smells to suit your taste. Available throughout the city, this is one fragrant journey you must undertake.

  • Spices

The Middle East is famous for having a wide variety of homegrown spices that you may have never heard of, making it the perfect souvenir to take home. The renowned Spice Souk is the absolute destination to go to for picking up spices as they have some rare spices that are not available anywhere in the city too. They will add another dimension of flavour to your cooking and are extremely easy to carry once you have nicely packed and sealed them. Make sure you get advice on how to use them in your cooking.

So, do not wait anymore and book your tickets to Dubai on cheap flights from Mumbai to Dubai and experience the Manhattan of the East.

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