Things to avoid while choosing a bridesmaid dress

Things to avoid while choosing a bridesmaid dress

Who are the closest ones to you after your better-half in your wedding? Yes. You are right. It’s the group of your best friends in the getup of bridesmaids. You would not bear any compromises for your bridesmaids and that’s why today we are here to tell you what things should be avoided while choosing bridesmaid dress.

  1. Buy early, but not too early:

It is evident that booking your favorite outfits early is a smart decision. But also keep in mind that trends change very rapidly. It might be possible that the dresses you have selected are not trending anymore. So, purchase your outfits at the perfect time and make sure they do not seem dated.

  1. Figure out your budget:

Yes, it feels uncomfortable to talk about numbers, but it does matter. Whether you are paying for the bridesmaid dresses your besties, you would not want to feel any heartache after your wedding regarding the expenditure. Confirm the fees of your designer or boutique on call before the very first meeting.

  1. Plan small expenses in your bridesmaids’ budget:

It would prove a silly mistake if you forget to count the expenses on shoes and accessories corresponding with the dress. Calculate all the cost of matching and fitting of the dresses you are planning a budget on bridesmaid’s dresses. Also, if you are going for a custom-tailored dress, still include additional cost for last minute fittings and corrections.

  1. Enter the boutique sorted:

It happens often that brides-to-be are solely dependent on the boutiques when it comes to selecting bridesmaid dresses. Never rely on your professionals completely. Enter the designer’s place with your own defined choice and then allow them to modify and display their suggestions.

  1. Shop on a weekday:

Bridal salons and boutiques are packed on weekends and wedding seasons. Hence, go shopping on a weekday. This will enable you to get more personal attention, more variety and most importantly more time to pick your dress and bargain for the same. It might make your schedule a little haphazard, but we know you will manage it. After all, it is the matter of styling your best women.

  1. Keep your route and travel arrangements on mind:

If you are having a destination wedding, then you must keep track of comfortable traveling outfits. Your bridesmaids might need a plain black jacket over their Sequin dresses. Or they might need to change after reaching the venue if they’ve allotted silk dresses as silk tend to develop creases when sitting for a long time.

  1. Choose the length of dress wisely:

Along with fabric, theme, and color of bridesmaid dress; the length of the dress also plays a vital role in defining the personality of your bridesmaids. A short white miniskirt shows a rocker-chic party girl whereas a tea-length displays a quirky fun-loving brigadier.


In a nutshell, choose attires for your bridesmaids which make them look themselves and heavenly at the same time. After all, they will be subjected to the most attention after you.

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