The Processing of Used Cooking Oil into Biodiesel by MBP Solutions

The Processing of Used Cooking Oil into Biodiesel by MBP Solutions

Biodiesel is a liquid fuel derived from the various types of used cooking or vegetable oils and fats. It has similar burning properties to that of regular petroleum diesel fuel.  However since it is produced from cooking oils and fats the biodiesel is nontoxic and biodegradable.

During combustion the biodiesel produces significantly fewer emissions compared to the petroleum-based diesel fuel which makes it much more environmentally friendly and the best alternative source of fuel.

Used Cooking Oil

It is no surprise that restaurants and hotels use endless amounts of cooking oil each year to support their relevant menus as part of the business. Various types of cooking oils are used in restaurant kitchens where each type serves a different purpose based on the cooking practice or style being used.

Therefore taking into consideration the seemingly endless amounts of cooking oils used in food service establishments, it begs the question of where does it all go after it is used.

Grease dumping is the improper disposal of used cooking oil by pouring it down the drain which leads to the blockage of the sewer thus causing inconvenience to waste management facilities. Used cooking oil dumping is illegal in some countries because it damages sewer and plumbing systems thereby causing backups in the restaurant as well as in local streets and sewage lines. Additionally, there is also a major fire potential associated with grease since it is flammable.

Fortunately, used cooking oil collection is a big industry. Most restaurants partake in the recycling of UCO and waste oil pickup services provided by MBP Solutions, which is a company that specializes in collecting, handlingpickup and later recycling the UCO into useful products such as biodiesel.

MBP Solutions helps restaurants and food service establishment owners torecycle used cooking oil by also supplying them with UCO collection bins for proper disposal. Theirstaff determines the appropriate sizes of the collection bins for each establishment and also help set up a regular pickup schedule.

Processing of Used Cooking Oil

When the UCO collection bins is full MBP Solution staff drains the bins into their collection tank trucks to be taken to the processing and rendering facility. The waste cooking oil must be treated in order to remove any impurities present before it is to be converted into biodiesel.

Rendering is the purification process for the used fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.). The first step involves sampling all the recycled F.O.G. to ensure that they are free of pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

The next step is for the sampled F.O.G. to be filtered. The filtration process begins by placing all material into the setting tanks that remove all solids. The final step of the rendering process involves a high-temperature cooking and drying procedure for decontaminating and separating the useable and recyclable fat. It is then heated in a vacuum to volatize all the impurities left. Upon completion of the rendering process, the purified and usable bi-product can be refined into biodiesel

The Processed cooking oil after being treated and filtered in the rendering process is ready to be converted into biodiesel through a process of refinement known as trans-esterification. The trans-esterification process involves applying an alcohol base such as methanol with the triglyceride oils contained in vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled greases to form fatty acid alkyl esters (the biodiesel) and glycerin.

The final step after trans-esterification is the separation of these two bi-products from the process (biodiesel and glycerin). Once the biodiesel has been tested and analyzed to meet commercial use requirements, it is then packaged and distributed for use as an eco-friendly fuel.

Final Remarks

The biodiesel from MBP Solutions is very effective in a wide range of applications whether it is used in its pure form or when mixed with other fuels. It is also the best and most reliable renewable source of fuel.

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