The Hazards Associated with Drinking Bottled Water

The Hazards Associated with Drinking Bottled Water

Getting access to pure drinking water has become very difficult these days due to the pollution and industrialization that have contaminated the water sources making it unfit for drinking. The best solution to get pure drinking water is to buy water purifier and install it at home. But still, there are many people who purchase bottled water for drinking purposes without knowing about the risks that accompany. Here’s a look at the hazards associated with drinking bottled water to educate our readers why bottled water should not be consumed.

Bottled Water Is Sourced from Tap Water

In contrary to the popular belief wherein companies claim to extract water from mountains and groundwater, bottled water is normally sourced from taps and sold all over after a basic purification process. This basic purification is not effective at removing all the contaminants from the water. This may result in certain waterborne diseases. Even though you spend significantly for buying bottled water, you might end up falling sick.

Plastic Bottle Is Made of Materials That Are Harmful to Body

The plastic bottle, which is used for packaging the water, is actually not of good quality. It is generally made using an industrial chemical called BPA (Bisphenol), which is very harmful for health. If the water remains packaged in the same condition for long duration, you may end up consuming contaminated water, which may later prove hazardous to your health. Even if you are travelling, it’s recommended to avoid plastic bottles and carry purified water in stainless steel water bottles.

Bottled Water Samples May Contain Traces of Benzene and Arsenic

It is shocking but a true fact that few companies that supply packaged water tend to fabricate the details and sell impure water to the customers. After consuming such quality of water, which might contain traces of benzene and arsenic, people tend to fall sick and struggle to find out how they contracted the disease in spite of taking all the precautions.

Plastic Bottles Release Harmful Chemicals When Exposed to Heat

The packaged drinking water bottles are prone to be exposed to heat during summer. Upon this exposure, they tend to release some harmful chemicals, which mix with the water in the bottle and adversely affect your health. The reaction is not immediate but over the period of time it can cause a major health problem. Avoid this situation completely before it harms your body.

Plastic Is Not Biodegradable

Conservation of the environment has become a very crucial topic of concern today. In such a scenario, it’s highly advisable not to use bottled water made of non-biodegradable plastic. Contribute your bit to the environment by avoiding bottled water. Instead, buy water purifier and drink 100% pure water.

From the above discussion, it is evident that bottled water, if consumed for long duration, may affect your health in a negative way. Considering this, it’s always a wise decision to buy water purifier for your home and always drink purified water that is 100% safe from all kinds of contaminants.

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