Some information about inverter charger

Some information about inverter charger

These days power inverter is a thing of necessity. Everyone needs a consistent power supply. Our dependency on electricity has increased tremendously. Sometimes it is bearable to manage without power supply if it happens rarely but when such things happen frequently then it is not possible to manage with that especially when it is concerned with office work. In such situation, inverter charger can best support to manage the situation. It converts DC power to AC power. For example, a 12 VDC power inverter converts into 110 VAC power and in the same manner 24 VDC power inverter converts into 240 VAC.

Thus you need to first confirm about the level of power consumption at your home or office wherever you wish to install the inverter. In the market 48 VCD power inverter chargers are also available. Hence, according to your need you should purchase one and install. Probably for home and office purpose sine wave inverters are used.

What is split phase inverter?

The split phase inverter consists of a single phase three wired distribution system. Split phase inverters are low-frequency inverters with a capacity of producing 120VAC/240VAC hence they are termed as a 120VAC/240VAC power inverter. They are really easy to install and you can use them in your vehicle as well. It consumes power from AC source like shore power and supplies it to the connected appliances.

What is three-phase inverter?

The basic structure of three-phase inverter carries three single-phase switches which are connected to varied load terminals. They are used for high power application. The fundamental scheme involves the three switches in such a manner that each switch function at every 60-degree point of the basic output waveform. Hence the result brings a line to line output waveform consist of six steps. One can put additional inverters more step inverters can be prepared. It increases the voltage and current rating as well.

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