Keep Food Cool This Winter

Keep Food Cool This Winter

Crisp sunny days, foggy days, three inches of snow on the ground days and rain for what seems like an eternity, winter and Mother Nature throw everything at us as we head towards Christmas and in to the new year. Add in central heating, log fires and cooker heat and it can seem like you’re riding a temperature rollercoaster.

When catering for events, winter markets, hosting parties, running busy restaurants and welcoming an onslaught of overnight guests, it can be difficult to manage stock levels, meet demand and have fridge and freezer capacity that can take on day to day situations and keep additional items in peak condition. Professionally maintained and legislation meeting refrigeration hire and freezer rooms could substantially reduce stress, improve service and they are competitively priced.

Whether it’s champagne for a wedding in a marquee, a celebratory dinner for fifty with all the trimmings or a children’s event where clowns, magicians and stupendous amounts of ice cream are required, the convenience of having either freezer trailers which are on wheels, or freezer rooms which are static, installed in the car park, a foyer, adjacent to the kitchen or function rooms means there is considerable extra storage space. Trailers can be installed and relocated with ease. Freezer rooms need to be positioned in the optimum space for your operations to run smoothly.

Of course, before snow descends, it’s an excellent idea to have additional stock housed appropriately to cover unforeseen circumstances, maintain quality and service delivery; we all know that the UK grinds to a trembling halt in the snow.

Unsurprisingly, popping food and drink items into snow drifts or icy corners to keep them cool is not compliant with the law even if it is a cheap, simple answer; choose the best and hygienic solutions instead.

A few December’s ago, we saw temperatures in the high teens in Celsius, so elevating risks by not taking effective measures with freezer trailers and refrigeration hire could prove hazardous. No one orders food poisoning with their special occasion.

Please choose a freezer trailers and freezer rooms expert like the highly renowned and long established Icecool Trailers for peace of mind and excellent facilities.

  • Freezer rooms and trailers come in various sizes, 1.8m, 2.4m and 3m for example, to suit the client’s needs and budget.
  • Freezer rooms can be constructed on site so they’ll fit through doorways.
  • Freezer trailers and rooms with their refrigeration counterparts are delivered, installed and made ready to use by the hire company. At the end of the hire period they’ll remove and transport facilities back to their base.
  • The units are lockable and insured but stock placed in them requires additional cover.

Icecool Trailers is based in Newbury and serves Berkshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, London, the Midlands and South Wales with professional, hygienic, well maintained, refrigeration hire, freezer trailers and rooms.

They have a 24/7 emergency call out for when there’s a breakdown of premises equipment that makes swift delivery of one of their units essential.

For a complete service, trust proven experts.

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