How to Select designer saree

How to Select designer saree

Saree is that one piece of clothing when wrapped around a woman’s body gives it an incomparable form of beauty and grace. It is the staple and the essential choice of every Indian woman for occasions, functions, festivals, and celebration in any form. With many modern women embracing the beauty of saree, many of them turn to websites and often travel to far off places for special boutiques to find the perfect designer saree.

Designer sarees

Designer sarees can be of many textures and styles and a lot of hard work goes into stitching and making of every piece. Most women invest in designer sarees for weddings as if you are going for a well-known name then it can get expensive. If carefully noticed, these sarees have intricate handiwork and embroidery which is not easy and often showcase designs and trends that are in demand. Some of the big leagues include Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra, Abu Jani, and Sandeep Khosla, Satya Paul, and Ritu Kumar to name a few.


This is probably the most important aspect of purchasing a designer saree. The cost varies as it is dependent on a myriad of factors namely the designer name which is the vital part, the material, type, color, handwork, intricate embroidery etc. The cost can be an approximate of a few thousands to even several lakhs, the most expensive designer saree of Chennai silks being over 39 lakhs!

How to choose

Always be careful when you choose a designer saree as it is a small investment. Make sure you know what kind of saree suits your body shape and accordingly choose the right one. Kraftly is an online shopping website that allows you to shop for sarees in the most convenient way possible. Its user-friendly interface offers the different materials you need such as cotton, chiffon, net etc. on the left-hand corner of the website through which you can specifically search the material you are looking for. You can even filter the price range and the amount of discount which makes browsing easier.


A designer saree is an essential commodity in every woman’s wardrobe as it not only accentuates your body but is the perfect outfit for any occasion. The only thing to be careful about is the authenticity aspect of it. If you ever decide to purchase a saree by a famous designer never go for random websites but registered legal websites that would not scam or cheat. Visiting a boutique is also a practical and fun option to take up.

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