How Can You Know About Flu: Few Symptoms?

How Can You Know About Flu: Few Symptoms?

There are some typical symptoms of the flu-like fever, chills, body aches, muscle pain, headaches, and fatigue. Anybody can suffer from the flu and never ignore such symptoms as the initial treatment makes lots of difference. Other symptoms of flu can include a dry cough, running nose, and sore throat. The person first notices the symptoms as fever that goes up to 106 degrees. As we are living in the internet world and everything has gone easy by just clicking on the internet.

Online pharmacies like Canadian pharmacies online store are more likely becoming the helping hands for those who need the medicines at their doorsteps. You have to just prescribe medicines from your doctor and can have the prescribed and non-prescribed medicines from these online stores.

Symptoms of flu can also resemble the common cold and bacterial infection. Medicines are different as the bacterial infection respond well to the antibiotics on the other side antibiotics don’t relieve the flu symptoms. It is bad to ask your doctor or pharmacist to have these antibiotics without the proper diagnosis. Doctors usually deny giving such medicines without any clarity about the symptoms. There are different treatment processes for the flu symptoms.

  • Extra rest that means doctors advice not to do any kind of body exertion
  • Having lots of fluid
  • Pain and fever relief medications

The conditions like nasal congestions are common and you can use the over -the -counter medicines for such case like nasal drops. But it is totally avoided to use the antihistamines as these are not intended to treat the flu symptoms. It should be very clear that aspirin medicine should not be given without a doctor’s advice. Teenagers and kids are totally kept away from aspirin, as it can result in the serious illness.

Sometimes it is noted that flu symptoms go on their own after 7-10 days. When your kids younger than four years old have the temperature above 105 then they need medical attention. Rectal temperature of 105 and an oral temperature of 104 it should be noted that every parent must be aware of this knowledge. Various other symptoms that need medical attention and immediate doctor’s advice are:

  • Stiffness in neck
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Confusion

People who are above the age of 65 are more on the risk list as the complications of the flu when they are already suffering from serious asthma or the respiratory illness. Patients at the higher risk of symptoms are given antiviral medicines. These medicines are to relive the symptoms or we can say it can reduce the severity of the flu. Flu can catch anybody but it’s all up to us not to ignore the initial symptoms for the proper treatment. Medications and the proper precautions make lots of difference in curing the flu in time. When it comes to curing the disease precaution and the right medication is very much necessary these are to be taken seriously.

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