Here’s What Happens When a Transmission Is Rebuilt

Here’s What Happens When a Transmission Is Rebuilt

When a transmission is rebuilt, it usually means that all of the transmission components are disassembled for inspection then, usually with a complete rebuild kit, are re-assembled to replace anything that has been damaged for whatever reason.

The process that your car undergoes might sound confusing, but the steps are very straightforward. Once you figure out what to expect in a transmission rebuild, you can always expect the same whenever you look into remanufactured Mercedes transmissions.

Below are the things that will happen when a transmission is rebuilt regardless of the model of the car. It’s important to take note of them to fully understand the process.

Step 1: Disassembly of parts

A complete teardown of the transmission will be done with all of the soft parts being discarded regardless if there’s any damage on them or not. This is done mostly due to the incompatibility and the fact that there’s really not really much of a burden on the financial side.

Step 2: Inspection of parts

Segregating parts that will be reused for the rebuild is done during this step. Any hard parts that are still in prime condition will be separated to go to the next step while the rest are discarded. You can always look into remanufactured Mercedes transmissions for more resources.

Step 3: Cleaning the parts

All of the hard parts that will be a part of the re-assembly will be cleaned. The cleaning process differs from part to part, but this rarely takes a lot of time unless there’s an unexpected amount of dirt and other substances. At that point, it may be better to discard the part.

Step 4: Reinspection of cleaned parts

Parts that have been cleaned will be inspected again to make sure that earlier inspections were accurate. Damage may not always be obvious especially when the hard part is dirty. The reinspection is usually more comprehensive which can be on par with the inspection of brand new parts.

Step 5: Reassembly of the transmission

Once all of the parts needed to rebuild the transmission are ready. The reassembly process will begin. There may be modifications done. This is only relevant if there are any updates that come from the manufacturer. This is the case for earlier renditions of certain parts that may not be as optimized or efficient.

Expectations Post Rebuild

Although most remanufactured Mercedes transmissions shouldn’t have issues when rebuilt by a professional, there will still be times that problems are encountered. This usually happens when smaller components were discarded and replaced with similar-looking and even similarly named incompatible components during the reassembly.

Usual Suspects

It’s easy to identify what went wrong during the rebuild of the transmission. For the most part, these are all going to be identified during either of the two inspection steps:

Bad seals or gaskets for the transfer case

Corrosion in the electrical system causing shorts

Collapsed transmission mounts

Wear and tear in the flexplate

Leaks found in the engine rear main oil seal

Frayed throttle pressure in the control cables

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