Have you been Arrested for Drunk Driving in Orange County? Let us Handle the DUI Court Process

Have you been Arrested for Drunk Driving in Orange County? Let us Handle the DUI Court Process

If you get arrested in Orange County, California for driving under the influence (DUI), your first DUI court visit will be crucial in determining your fate. At the indictment, the DUI charges will be read, where you will be obligated to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, or declare a no contest.

Preliminary Hearing

The prosecuting attorney and the presiding judge will then decide the bail requirements. If you have a competent attorney, he will have the chance, to present any motion as your lawyer. If your charge is a DUI misdemeanor and you have legal representation, you are not obligated to attend the court proceedings.

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During the misdemeanor DUI arraignment charge, your lawyer may ask for a pre-trial hearing. On the trial day, the attorneys will evaluate your DUI case and may attempt to settle out of court. If a settlement is not achieved, other pre-trial hearings could be required. You may not need to attend the Orange County DUI court process.

Presenting Evidence

If you have previously been charged up to 4 DUI charges, or if, at the time of the arrest a child was present or you incurred injuries, you could be facing DUI felony charges. In this case, a preliminary Orange County DUI court hearing will be scheduled during your indictment. During the first round, your DUI defense lawyer and the prosecuting attorney will both produce crucial evidence. Your lawyer will cross-examine the prosecution witnesses if any, and the judge will eventually make a ruling on your case.

If the judge finds a compelling evidence against you to continue with the DUI felony charge, a second Orange County DUI court process will be set, during which you will be required to enter a plea. A not guilty plea will lead your case to trial. If you were in custody at your arraignment, you are entitled to a trial in 30 days. If you had legal representation, your trial should be heard in 45 days. Your attorney may apply for more time to prepare your case, or negotiate substitute sentencing options. If not, you may get the maximum DUI felony penalty.

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