Great Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Great Team Building Activities for Your Employees

Team building is a great way for your employees to wind up after a busy year or month. It also creates a perfect platform for bonding, exchange of ideas and collaboration. There are a wide variety of team building activities you can explore, both at the workplace and outdoors. Here are a few examples you might find useful.

Lunch Discussion

Provide lunch for all employees. Create groups of up to ten members and give them topics they can discuss after lunch. These could be work-related questions or development ideas. One great way to divide employees into groups is to stick numbers on the bottom of plates. Employees who have the same numbers should sit at the same table. Lunch groups not only allow the employees to discuss different issues, but it also enables them to know each other better.

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Organize Workdays

Make arrangements so that employees can visit other departments. A majority of employees are curious what their colleagues do. You can satisfy their interest by allowing them to visit other departments for one or two days. The opportunity to learn and observe in different departments will enhance interdepartmental cooperation and understanding. It will also inspire the employees to pursue other careers. The best departments for workday activities include technical support, customer service and other areas that interface with customers.

Use Icebreaker Questions During Meetings

Icebreaker questions help employees to know each other better and warm up to conversations during meetings. They also encourage the employees to ask more questions and share their experiences during meetings. Icebreaker questions depend on the type of meeting. A meeting that focuses on building successful work teams, for example, will have an icebreaker question like “What factors can influence a successful working relationship in a team?”

Outdoor Teambuilding

You can also opt for an outdoor team building Dallas TX or any other place you might find convenient. An outdoor team building session re-energizes, inspires and motivates the employees. It gives them a new meaning to life and acts a source of motivation. There are several outdoor team building activities you can do. These may include games, hunting escapades, fire camps, picnics, nature walk and many others. Whichever activity you choose, you will have a lot of fun and successful team building experience.

Group Mentoring

Mentoring is very important, especially if you have new employees you want to introduce to the company. While one-on-one mentoring may be the best approach, group mentoring by a senior manager is the most ideal option. This way, employees can learn and develop new skills while building stronger relationships with coworkers.

Fitness Sessions

Simple fitness activities such as yoga classes, weekly weight watchers and group exercises can offer effective team building platforms for the employees. Employees get to interact during these sessions and share experiences and challenges. This leads to stronger relationships and more collaboration in the workplace.

Whether you run a small or big company, don’t ignore the importance of team building activities. Such activities bring employees together and foster a good environment for meaningful relationships. This in turn leads to more teamwork and increased productivity.

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