Four Ways to Motivate Your Clients as a Personal Trainer

Four Ways to Motivate Your Clients as a Personal Trainer

In early training sessions, it is common for your clients to be highly motivated and excited about working out. They strive to achieve their fitness goals and they follow their fitness plan accordingly. However, maintaining that motivation can be a long-term challenge and something that every personal trainer encounters. Here are some things that personal trainers can do to motivate their clients and keep them focused on their goals. If you want to learn how to get the best out of your clients, keep reading for some useful ways you can motivate your clients today.

Four Ways Personal Trainers Can Motivate Their Clients

1.Set short term goals: It is easy to define long term goals, but they need to be broken up into smaller, short term goals. Clients might not be aware that achieving their fitness goals can be arduous and time consuming, especially if they see it as a single goal. Results can be achieved more easily when long term goals are divided into smaller tasks. There should be goals that can be achieved each week.

2.Create variety: It is a good idea to change programs or routines regularly. After six weeks of constant training, our bodies will reach a plateau. This can happen when we undergo the same training style or program week after week. It is a good idea to change programs every four or five weeks, before a plateau is reached. By adopting new programs, clients won’t get bored because they don’t have to follow the same routine all the time.

3.Communicate well: It is not necessary to become best friends with your clients, but it is important to be understanding and supportive. Talk to clients about daily activities that may have relevance to the personal training results. Clients should feel that they can trust their trainer.

4.Encourage clients to be themselves: Each client is different and there could be limited amount of flexibility with each program. It is important to make sure that clients feel comfortable with their training session as it is not very motivating if each training program is performed strictly.  As an example, reps are important to ensure that clients undergo enough intensity, so they can achieve proper fitness goals. It’s acceptable to be a little flexible with reps, depending on the situation.

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