Flashcards Will Make TEAS Preparation Easier

Flashcards Will Make TEAS Preparation Easier

Do You Have the Aptitude for Nursing School?

Each year, potential students looking to enter nursing school discover how competitive the process can be. Some applicants are surprised to discover that part of that process is taking the TEAS test. Schools like medtech.edu use this four-sectioned aptitude exam to help identify applicants that would succeed in their program, and they help to prepare potential students to successfully take the TEAStest. There is a large range of material available to aid students with test preparation, including many books and guides. One study aid that should not be over-looked is flashcards.

Aren’t Flashcards a Learning Tool for Children?

For decades, flashcards have been used as an important memory aid to help students learn information quickly. Most people can recall learning basic math and vocabulary skills as young children with the use of these cards. While education beyond the elementary school level shifts more towards the use of textbooks and other learning aids to teach students, flashcards are still used to help prepare for exams all the way through high school graduation. It should not be surprising then to discover that they are an effective learning tool for post-high school studies as well.

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In fact, the use of flashcards can be indispensable for college students. With the large amounts of information that a student is expected to retain during their studies, these cards are perfect for remembering specific data that may be asked about in tests with multiple-choice answers. Long lists of events, items, and symbols can become more manageable through their use. Educators at the college level believe that their students who use flashcards as a study aid learn and retain more information than their students who do not use them. For example, Dr. Jonathan Golding (from the Department of Psychology at the University of Kentucky) discusses this very point in his article “Flashcards Revisited.”

How Can Flashcards be Used Effectively for the TEAS Test?

Students studying for this exam will discover that using a set of TEAS flashcards in addition to textbook reading will make their preparation easier and more effective. These cards are often less expensive than many study books and guides. Their portability makes them highly efficient since they can be used anywhere. The use of flashcards focuses studies on important pieces of information, making the process less overwhelming. The study itself becomes more versatile than simply memorizing a long list of data. All of these points ring true even more when the student uses online flashcards!

In the end, the only thing that really matters is that a potential nurse is able to get the education they need in order to excel in their profession. Any tools that a student is able to find that helps them to achieve these goals is worth consideration. Flashcards have a proven track record as an effective memory aid that can be used for more than just the TEAS test. Rediscover how beneficial they can be!

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