Enjoy a hot shower bath with your love doll

Enjoy a hot shower bath with your love doll

Showers and male ejaculation just goes like cheesecake with more and more of cheesecakes! The doll you just purchased is not just your partner but she is someone with whom you can share some of the passionate moments of your life. To enjoy some of the wet and sexy moments of your life with your sex doll, why not try out a sexy shower bath? You can obviously try out shower sex with your doll but you just have to be a bit careful about the material used for producing the doll! Have you ever thought of taking her to the bathroom to have intercourse in the bath tub? There are dolls which are made exclusively to serve your purpose- dolls with artificial intelligence that can give orgasms after fucking her licking her! Many a times it might happen that you wanted to feel the g-spot but unable to locate it! No more worries! You can now see your doll squirting and moaning while you pleasure her!  With regards to taking your sex doll to the shower or shower with you, the first thing that you think is whether the doll is made up of TPE or silicon. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to clean the doll thoroughly so that you can use it for the next time.

  • Treat yourself with a cossetting session of sex with your expensive sex doll. For a steamy bath, take her with you to a hot shower, or clean up with you, however do not submerge her head and hair into the water. Separate equipment’s are available in the market to clean up the different parts of your doll! To engage in a realistic experience, you can decorate the bathtub with roses and soaps, light up the bathroom with candles and then you both can enjoy some of the steamy moments! You can lay your doll on the sides of the tub and lick her pussy as much as you want. Make use of a flavored lube so that you can enjoy a tasty vagina! If you wish to clean up with your doll, it is advisable to use a silicon doll. Dolls made of this material are much progressively impervious to heated water and disinfection. Silicone dolls are much more costly than the TPE dolls; however it may merit each and every penny.
  • Water has the tendency of washing away the natural fluids of the body. The doll, being an manmade thing cannot produce their own fluids. To keep the moments wet and slippery try to lubricate. This will keep you wet till the last moment of the sex session!

After having a shower, make sure that you take immense care of your doll. Cleaning up and showering with a TPE sex doll may make real harms due to the leaky structure of the doll. To avoid this, you should always use a silicon doll. Buy the silicon dolls from the sex doll shop  because these dolls might be costly but you will enjoy something which you might not have even dreamt of!

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