Create a memorable first impression for Building Strong Business Relations

Create a memorable first impression for Building Strong Business Relations

It takes only a mere glance of about a couple of seconds for some person for evaluating you at the first meet. The short duration of a few seconds is more than enough for the opposite person to form a strong opinion about you- be it positive or negative. Based on your body language, appearance, demeanor, dressing, and the mannerisms, a person starts to form the idea about you as a person. Communication is not always compulsory for anyone to develop an idea about you. But the effect of the first impression is valuable for usually, it persists even if later the person notices that some things in you are entirely different than what the person had thought.


If it is about some business meeting, then the first thing that the opposite person will notice about you is your time sense. Being late will not create a memorable first impression of yours. Be punctual at the very first meeting. Start early so that even in case of massive traffic, you can reach the destination right on time. It is okay to arrive early, but a late arrival will make the opposite person think that you must never be maintaining time if you reach late at the first appointment.

Presenting yourself perfectly

Looks do matter when it comes to the professional meetings. And if it is your first meeting with a potential investor, then you must make a memorable first impression. The physical appearance should be appropriate. It does not imply that you have to dress and walk like a model. Be neat and clean in the dressing part. Wear shiny shoes but don’t overdo. A regular and formal appearance will send the right message to the investor that you prefer to be clean, and you prefer not to try hard for getting the investment. Your attire speaks a lot during the first meets.

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