Can Droopy Eyelids Be Prevented Or Treated Naturally?

Can Droopy Eyelids Be Prevented Or Treated Naturally?

Ptosis or droopy eyelids are a condition that involves sagging of the upper eyelid. It is also known as blepharoptosis. Plus it has many other names depending upon the different ways it can affect you.

For example, if only one eye has droopy eyelid, it’s called unilateral ptosis, while droopy eyelids of both eyes are called bilateral ptosis. When the upper part of the eyelid consists of excess baggy skin, it’s called dermatochalasis.

If droopy eyelids are present since birth, the condition is known as congenital ptosis. And when it occurs later in life, it is called acquired ptosis. Ptosis may be permanent or temporary.

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Causes of Droopy Eyelids

There are a lot of causes for droopy eyelids. You may think that allergies may be a cause but actually ptosis is not related to any allergy.

The causes of ptosis can originate from something benign, but they can even originate from something more serious. There may be numerous factors affecting skin, nerves or muscles of eyelids and can cause ptosis.

The muscles that bring about the movement of eyelids are known as levator muscles. These muscles can weaken due to aging or injury because of which ptosis may occur. Some people may be born with weak levator muscles and hence may have ptosis earlier in life.

Such conditions can be corrected with cosmetic surgery Bondi from Dr. Naveen Somia, for example.

Here are other potential causes of ptosis:

  • Neurological disorders such as Bell’s palsy or myasthenia gravis
  • Cluster headaches
  • A temporary stye or nerve injury (inflammation and swelling of the eyelid)
  • Thyroid too may have a role in causing eyelids to droop and ptosis can be a symptom of hypothyroidism
  • LASIK or a routine cataract surgery may cause ptosis because of stretching of a muscle or tendon

How can Droopy Eyelids be Prevented?

Unfortunately not much can be done to prevent droopy eyelids, particularly when it is hereditary. However, some simple lifestyle changes may be helpful. Here are some:

Get eyes examined regularly: Yearly eye exams can help avoid eyelid drooping

Regular exercise: Those having a higher BMI usually have a higher percentage of fat which can accumulate in the skin including that of upper eyelid making it droop

Stay away from cigarette smoke: Smoking and secondhand smoke of cigarettes is a major factor linked to droopy eyelids associated to aging.

Protecting from UV rays:Wearing sunglasses can be helpful in protecting eyes against both UVA and UVB rays.

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Can Droopy Eyelids be Treated Naturally?

In moderate to severe cases, you may have to undergo droopy eyelid fix in Bondi Junction by Dr Naveen Somia. Levator aponeurosis advancement is the most commonly performed type of droopy eyelid surgery in which eyelids are lifted and the levator tendon is tightened up.

If the levator is too weak to bring about opening of the eyelid, a sling is used to enable the forehead muscles to lift the eyelid. Recovery is around 6 weeks in most patients. Bruising and swelling however will usually last for 2 to 3 weeks.

However, if the symptoms are mild, surgery may not be needed. Treatment will also depend on the exact cause of the condition.

For example, you may have been prescribed special glasses to correct an uneven curve that leads to blurry vision (astigmatism). These special glasses feature a crutch that holds the eyelid up. The vision in your weaker eye may be strengthened by wearing an eye patch.

Some other natural treatments for ptosis are:

Chamomile Tea:With its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea helps eyelids relax.

Useful Nutrients: When ptosis is caused by Bell’s palsy, doctors often recommend some nutrients like vitamin B12 which are as such useful for the entire nervous system and also protect against eye fatigue and vision problems.

Other nutrients essential for eye health and nervous system are zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamins C and E, lecithin, taurine and essential fatty acids.

Knowing these things may help you to prevent droopy eyelids and maintain the health and beauty of your eyes.

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